Hot Pot + Tiramisu + Green Tea = Good evening with friends.

What a night.

My stomach is still ‘pregnant’ with food a few hours after our yummy hot pot dinner and plentiful of tiramisu for desert.

Bloated yet satisfied I am already looking forward to more gatherings like tonight where we get to catch up with some lovely ‘random’ friends and mingle over blanching meats and vegetables in a hot  pot of steaming seafood and tofu broth – perfect for wintery July evenings like tonight.

Unfortunately, we were all so in grossed with our hot pot that I even forgot to ask Jimmy to take photos of tonight – that was until I had pulled the large tray of Tiramisu that our super talented Stellina had made for us.

Unveiling the glass tray of Tiramisu goodness, gasps of ‘Oooh’s!’ and ‘Ahhs!’ could be heard across the table as we laid eyes on a tray of gorgeous mascarpone cream with lovely peaks – perfectly fluffy and sprinkled with cocoa powder… and as inticipated, the layers beneath the fluffy cream was a uniformed line up of coffee soaked sponge fingers laced with the yummy Kaula liquor ( a delicious aroma!)

Vicki and I couldn’t wait to dig into this delightful desert – and to everyone’s enjoyment, the tiramisu bought endless amount of praises and smiles for our super desert chef tonight: Stellina. You are golden girl! :) We honour your talent… please let Vicki and I know next time you decide to whip up ANYTHING! Our tastebuds are hungry for more of your delights.. especially that cheesecake laden with strawberries…. ;)

The green tea Vicki  brought along as a gift, was a perfect beverage to go with the sweetness of the tiramisu. The quality of the tea was also admired as Vicki explained that the ‘freshness’ of tea, can be told when the leaves are floating vertically when seeping… and to our pleasent amusment, they were all floating like ‘sea horses’ ( as Sing exclaimed! hehe)  – the gentle ‘bitterness’ of the tea was just the ideal tea to refresh my ‘post food bump’ and cleanse my sugary palette… now ready to take a break til tomorrow…. I hear that Vicki was keen for some Adriano Zumbo macaroons tomorrow after church…? ;) Not such a bad idea I think!

“Never eat more than you can lift.”
Miss Piggy (American Puppet Character) 1990s

Til tomorrow…another beautiful day/night.

I am full and thankful.


Eve x

ps) Also went to ‘Deus Machina’ in Camperdown for brekkie/brunch today. Jimmy wasn’t too pleased with his dish… Anyways, will post this one later on. ;)

Welcome Lovelies!

Hello and welcome to my first blog entry @!

Finally, a step away from my ‘Facebook’ notes and jump in with the WordPress trend that my very lovely and techincal hubby, Jimmy has been telling me (hassling) me to get on board with….

Honestly, I am not the most techincal person around, as I would just love to go sample some yummy foods, travel and discover new and interesting places and just share life with you… on my blog!

I have titled it ‘Eve Loves’ as it is basically what I wish to share with you. Things that I love and hopefully be able to inspire you and encourage you to go out and explore a bit of the world as I see and know it.

As a start and hopefully something I can keep to the end of my post… I will finish it off with a quote which I love.

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
Helen Keller

Thanks for stopping by and please check back soon as I get the hang on this and add more posts to this….

What you will hope to discover here will be plenty of ‘Food Safari Days’ adventures where Jimmy and I go and sample some interesting and yummy ‘nooks & crannies’ in Sydney and over, plus I will include some of my favourite places and things to do in Sydney.

Lots of LOVE

Eve x

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