Day Trip – Leura & Katoomba

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Welcome back Andrew and Violet! :) We missed you! After our 'ok' brekkie at Cafe Bon Bon....*note: next time give this place a miss unless you want overpriced 'ok' food.... ;) Ben with his 'mountain' foot attire ;) Nice coloured toes man! :)
Beautiful couple :) How cute is Paw in this pic? :) Love it! Also love the beautiful median strip in Leura :)
Photographer Daniel...being photographed :) Huddle to keep warm! :) Nice coat Violet ;) heheh On the 'Skywalk' cable cart...
Hello Maria! ;) heheh Thanks for suggesting the weekend idea! x
Ben and Huong :) Staying close to stay warm! Whose afraid of heights?
Photos 1 - 15 out of 53 | Back to Albums
Description: A perfect Winter's day for a day trip to the Blue Mountains. Blissfully cold, crisp mountain air, bluest of skies and best company of friends. Let's do this again soon! x

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