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Sewn @ Rosemount Fashion Week 2007 Best Easter 2007 ever!
My first cooked meal for Valentines Day... Steak and stuff....
My new haircut... ( i have 'bangs') Me in my new Ikea chair :)
Sewn's new office space! Yay! This is a classic pic! I recall it was playing 'All night long' by Lionel Ritchie.. and we were all very 'happy' to dance along with it. Jimmy managed to capture this amongst the 'festivities' ;) So funny! Eve & Renee pose 'with tongue out' picture No. 100000000! ;)
At the Gaelic Club,Sydney - went to see some band play... what was the name!? heheheh Sera & Eve in Melbourne in 2006? Sera & Eve in Mel again being posers... ;) We digged our gigantic sunnies!
Photos 16 - 30 out of 40 | Back to Albums

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