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Sera took me to this really 'old skool' place for yum cha in Sheung Wan, HK. So cool. This is how they transport doonas in China - talk about the skillz man! ;) Jimmy & Eve on a mini bus in HK ...spot Curtis right hand side...
I love this shot. Captured in Churn Jow ~ a really serene scene with... salty fish ;) Night settling in at Churn Jow Island....
Jimmy and Eve's rare walks from Dee Why to Long Reef beach... This was me during the 'Stella McCartney' sales at Target.... See what I do for love Sera? ;) * Check out that ladie's expression behind me...' ' You want that top lady?!' Jimmy and Eve at Hillsong Live Recording at The Acer Arena 2007 ~ an AWESOME night!
Sera and Eve backstage before our show at Rosemount Fashion Week 07.   
Photos 31 - 40 out of 40 | Back to Albums

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