Franklin Graham HK Festival

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Call for people to come to the front to accept Christ.... And people just flowed down by the 100's... and then the thousands...
2nd day... with Aunt Loretta, Carol and Ray... Walked from Causeway Bay... Had to keep myself entertained on our walk there...
Walked from one wing to another to find a seat....
Finally got one... and it was really sunny. Carol looks like some woman from Bethlehem ;) heheh
Photos 16 - 30 out of 42 | Back to Albums
Description: A revival in HK where thousands upon thousands came out to hear the Word being preached by world know preacher - Franklin Graham ( Billy Graham's son) I had the privilege of attending with my bestest friends and family. Loads of people but was worth the experience. It's a great reminder how much God loves the people of Hong Kong. Approx. 33,000 people committed to Jesus over the week rally. Awesome! :)
Location: Hong Kong Stadium, Happy Valley

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