Franklin Graham HK Festival

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The shaded wing which was packed out we had to walk to the other side...
We all have the same hair cut and wearing red... ;) And just at the stroke of 3.30pm... the sun stopped glaring... and we got shade :) Praise God! :)
Again, more and more people came to the front to accept Jesus as their Lord :) Praise God!
The trip home on MTR.... Spot Ray ;)
Photos 31 - 42 out of 42 | Back to Albums
Description: A revival in HK where thousands upon thousands came out to hear the Word being preached by world know preacher - Franklin Graham ( Billy Graham's son) I had the privilege of attending with my bestest friends and family. Loads of people but was worth the experience. It's a great reminder how much God loves the people of Hong Kong. Approx. 33,000 people committed to Jesus over the week rally. Awesome! :)
Location: Hong Kong Stadium, Happy Valley

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