HK Summer – Cruise & Wakeboarding

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Sera on Star Ferry to Central Pier... the beginning of our 'vanity' shots. Gotta love the straw hats with big sunnies look.... ;) Our first self piccie of the day... very excited to be out in the sun... (although I think Sera had enough already hehehe look how tan she is!!!) The boat which we DIDN'T go on... the beautiful 'Aqualuna' which Sera and I must go on one time before we come home... its a really beautiful 'old skool' junk... loved the crimson sails.
The very 'economical' catering... 'bright yellow colouring noodles', 'neon yellow curry', chicken wings and soggy veggies... MmmmmMMMm ... can't complain for less than $100 AUD for EVERYONE!!! ;) Lunch time! Gotta love those bowls.... ;)
A corrupted file.... oh well.. you get the pic Just enjoying the cruise... Best view to take pics! Smile for me Sezza! ;)
Oh how demure ;) My turn! ;) Posing for our new 'ladies market's' hats.. gotta love 'em!
Posers No. 2.... Poser No. 3 ... with sunnies Poser No. 4....with hat, sunnies and a mean pout...( Sezza.. you're sunnies are melting off your nose ;) )
Photos 1 - 15 out of 31 | Back to Albums
Description: How do you spend a blistering hot Saturday in HK? By going crusing on a junk and wakeboarding of course! ;)
Location: Stanley, Hong Kong

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