HK Summer – Cruise & Wakeboarding

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It must have been the heat... Love this shot of Sera... Ah was a good place to take photos ok? ;)
This was to show the 'Deacons' flag.. and it didn't... Just wanted to show Jimmy why his work doesn't have these luxuries in Sydney heheh 'Tha Gurls' Poser Pic No. 100000000000!!
Go Sera! Doesn't she just look like a pro wakeboarder?! ;) I cropped this picture for the sake of everyone.... ;) To those who was there ( I apoligise heheh) Ahh... the beautiful sunset in Stanley... how serene....
Self piccie at sun set... ( the dudes behind me are the boat 'drivers'.... ) The boat we were on...
Post cruise... little did we know we had to trek 15 mins with our heavy bags back to Stanley Town... next time not carrying 4 x cans of coke, 2 x lots of wet clothes with sore arms! Sera all tanned and satisfied after a very awesome Saturday :) ( This was before the walk... ) Ok... so wakeboarding is NOT the most glamourous sport or easiest....;)
Photos 16 - 30 out of 31 | Back to Albums
Description: How do you spend a blistering hot Saturday in HK? By going crusing on a junk and wakeboarding of course! ;)
Location: Stanley, Hong Kong

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