Hong Kong August 2007

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'Posers to the MAX!' LOL! A bit 'hyper active' after a day of purchases... lovin' my new black jeans ;) Yup... definetly hyper...
My new do ~ courtesy of Soh @ Private I ;) My new 'do' ... :) Sera and Eve in deep conversations about their new collection... (not!) ;)
Sera, Bill and I at Starbucks, IFC Sera & Eve at TST.... Sera and Billy on Bill's arrival to HK.... let's not go into the details here...
Gelato at XTC after dinner at TST... Mmmmmmm Bill and Eve @ XTC Off she goes...
Pat & Pat on the bench.. 'wrong shoes.. no play'... sorry guys!! My first attempt at playing golf at the driving range.. Charging on the tram... sooo tired.... ( thanks Sera... good I wasn't drooling yet)
Photos 1 - 15 out of 41 | Back to Albums

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