Hong Kong August 2007

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The 3 Musketeers... actually just Pat, Rod and Andy... on tram from Wan Chai to Central.... Sorry Pat.. no Lockhart Rd for you tonight... Sera & Eve at 'Peel' @ SOHO... Sera with a 'Peelini' at Peel Bar... ( after getting rejected at Feather Boa...)
Peel Bar @ SOHO 'Insomnia' LCF.... Wendy and Eve @ Insomnia... the live band was so fun!
Rodney a bit stunned with this pic at 'Insomnia'.... Forget looking at me... check out cute Sera in the background... *cough* Poser ;) I call this picture... ' Sera on MTR'... oh so arty! ;)
Sera and I on our 2nd last day in HK for our trip this time round... Sera and Eve 8th August - on the MTR A nifty hang out at Festival Walk...
A 'not so good' mocha... with a back the front 'e'... Blueberry danish matches my newly painted nails... ;) Goldfish shaped dumplings... aren't they cute? ... I bit the head of one...
Photos 16 - 30 out of 41 | Back to Albums

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