Jay Chou Concert HK – Dec 12th 2007

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Sera and I before the concert... Radiant after a session at the Benefit counter at 'Faces'... Looks like I am taking a photo with a HK celebrity... oh my goodness its Sera Ng from Sewn! * fan screams!* Jay Chou opens up the show by feather dusting the stage....
Jay Chou in a silver suit number .... Jay Chou with a silver suit... and some bad hair blob... guess he can get away with it ;) * someone fire his stylist please...* Ok... don't mean to brag.. but did I mention we were only 4 rows from the front?!?! * Thank you Ellen... and connections ;) *
Happy giggly Sera and Ellen... The dancers were not too bad on the eyes either... shame my 'not 12 mega pixel' camera did not capture... ( and yes, they wore boxers under those kilts...)
Um................ This was a pretty cool dance sequence... Jay in a better looking outfit...
Oh so close..... ;) Cool golden mic...
Photos 1 - 15 out of 35 | Back to Albums
Description: 4 rows from the front of stage, Aron Kwok as guest star, 'ripped' dancers and Miss 'Wong Ming Chuen' in front of us... This was a good night.
Location: Hong Kong Coliseum, Hung Hom

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