JPM Studios for Sewn Shoot 25th August (5 hr shoot) Start 8.30am

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This is the white space ... pretty straight forward. This is the wall to wall 'garage' door which can be opened or completely blocked with curtains ... I think the bike will be there on Monday as the owner dude owns it... ( umm he is also pretty cute...)
I like how we can also use those wooden trestles for My fantastic blurry shot. I rule.
Much better - you can see its two level. The boys work upstairs...We work downstairs. Cool. Another view from the 'white space'. The table is interesting... and so is my photo taking skills. Again... I rock. Ceiling shot. I like the dangly aluminum tube hose hanging down... looks like a cyber industrial vacuum.
Bits of wall plank against the wall... me like. I like this tool box and clutter. Oh did I mention there is also a ping pong table we can use? Prop wall and relax space....
I thought Ying would like theses...they were pretty cool. we can play with these. And these..... Oh and these....
This is where my camera ran out of battery... and didn't get a shot of the Tim.. the cute guy :) Thinking he can be in the shoot... heheh Okay... the ACTUAL Enrique was not there...but Tim from JPM could pass as his cousin or something....  
Photos 1 - 14 out of 14 | Back to Albums
Location: JPM Studios, 18/6-8 Herbert St, St Leonards

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