Our Story. Chapter 1

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Picking up a 'stranger' from the airport. Our first meeting. Also, 'Sheepy' was introduced to me. Within an hour of Jimmy's arrival, we end up at Dee Why Beach....
...then Long Reef. ( 2.5 years later, this would be where he proposes and I say 'yes' ) Perfect blue skies on the day we first 'met' Good to see Jimmy getting along with my bestest friend Tracy...
and that Jaz and Adam also approves... having a lie down at our first house party... already we are strangely sporting weird poses...
and love for green apples or just silly poses.... So glad I can share this with Tracy :) A significant moment with a well respected elder prays for us and with us.  Elder Wu. God anointed. Amazing. This man radiates God's blessings.
Sheepy and I stay close... Yeah ~ we rock our Harleys! Thinking on our Bondi beach afternoon walk.. how all much one week can make a difference....God is amazing.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 52 | Back to Albums

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