Our Story. Chapter 1

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Showing Jimmy to the Easter Show. Not sure if this counted as our first date... Trying to be 'all cool and casual'...yeah. We are good friends here. ;) Ahh...the much talked about ferris wheel story began here ;)
See my 'trying to conceal my disappointment' smiles here...Thus the 'yellow' cart. Whirlwind trip to Melbourne for a day... Alongside me ~ my bestest business partner in crime, Sera. x
Bryan, oh, Bryan... the reason that Jimmy started to 'speak/stalk' me on Friendster. Nice one :) Me trying to climb in the house after forgetting my keys.... 2nd date... this time Fish Markets. I believe we are dating here now.. hmm
MMmmmmmm....over order of food. :) Nice arvo visiting Sera.... We tend to have alot of these poses.... oh well, this one was at Macq. Center. Post 'Pretzel' and conversations.
I am holding the star that Jimmy won for me at the Easter Show. I believe I was promised a teddy bear or something that wasn't a star.... ;) Still I love it. The church in Manly where we prayed for my best friend... and ultimately for 'us' :) Ah...youth :) hehhe
Photos 16 - 30 out of 52 | Back to Albums

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