Really Random Ramen Day :)

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Inside Ryo's Ramen...already packed at 12pm... My 'Tokyo Ramen' with soya soup base, bamboo, swirly fish things, soya egg and cha-su pork, sesame and nori sheet. Our lil deep fried soft shell crab...Mmmmm.
Slurp! Slurp! Happy after some ramen action...
Coffee post our ramen lunch at Jimmy's fave place for coffee in Crows Nest - 'Crow Zone' Apparently they roast their own coffee and milk tastes extra creamy and nicer here... :) Chilling out at Blues Point after ramen and our 'random drive' to Denistone to drop Maria off at work. On the way we witnessed slow 'L' plate drivers as well as a motorcyclist run into the back of a very slow car driven by a cute elderly lady. All was wel
Lambert - strike the pose! Stand and sit tall Lambert! You're a CHAMPION! :) Ben looking very chilled and happy on our 4th week of Food Safari Day.
Jump Lambert! :) What better way to warm up on a chilly winter afternoon ...then to do 'jump' photos! heheh
Photos 1 - 15 out of 24 | Back to Albums
Location: Crows Nest, Sydney

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