Sewn AW09 Shoot – Looks

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Ok... Here I am with my 'too cool for skool' look... and seeing if Jimmy was actually taking my picture ;) Showing you the back... I had to try this on - although I know its not my size, it is still VERY loose and too low on the back. ( Refer back to the original note)
I notice the 'plum' band width needs to be wider here... Cute dress.. VVV-ery loose on the back :)
Hmm... almost too rude and low on the back ;) This was Jimmy's favourite dress in this fabric. He wasn't too sure of it in the check ;) 
You like me rocking my black sox and red shoes? :) Love this.
Love this look - I think I will have to order this ;) These are not in any particular order...
Photos 1 - 15 out of 47 | Back to Albums
Description: Here is what I have styled up today for each of the looks for the shoot on Tuesday. Please let me know what you think and if I have missed out on any ;) I'm really keen on getting some RED pumps for the shoot - I think it will really go with it. On the hunt tomorrow :) xx

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