Sewn AW09 Shoot – Looks

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Just wanted you to take note of how 'wide' the floral part looks in this when it is laid down shot flat... There should be more 'curve' lines... Currently it looks a little shapeless... Will see what it looks on the model.
Do you like this combo? :) I chose the best colour ways of the t-shirt prints to shoot.... 
Are we missing the black with white prints?? Also I think this shirt will be cuter with a light purply blue on blue... We should discuss the print colours... Same with this... I think the print should be a little darker and we should adjust the white on the print - as currently the 'cream dollop' stands out alot..
Photos 16 - 30 out of 47 | Back to Albums
Description: Here is what I have styled up today for each of the looks for the shoot on Tuesday. Please let me know what you think and if I have missed out on any ;) I'm really keen on getting some RED pumps for the shoot - I think it will really go with it. On the hunt tomorrow :) xx

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