Shengzhen Orphanage visit – August 2007

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This is us on the way to the orphanage in the van. This is is Karen and Wendy :) This is Esther. She is our ' mother hen' Organiser of our trip today. This is my new friend, 'Fong'. She is so adorable and gave me such joy to spend those short hours with her which will stay with me for a lifetime.
I wish I could have taken a picture of Fong smiling because she is so sweet when she does. She looks so adorable and gentle in this photo. I wish to visit her again soon. May God just bless her and keep her close to His heart. This is 'post feeding frenzy' for the toddlers in the corridor. Before this photo was taken, there were 15 babies all sat in the wooden chairs with bowls of rice and soup. These two sweet darlings were the slower and 'etiquette' eaters ;) This is Vera feeding one of the darling girls ~ isn't she sweet? She is eating corn from the soup.
A priceless moment.... Yummy! Corn!! This is Wendy and I after our first visit to the orphanage and post the tiring but very satisfying day.
This is some of the girls at the nursery after our visit...( We were all pretty tired, sticky and smelly heheheh) Potty time!!!! heheheh As we enter the orphanage, the walls display all the pictures of the children...
Most of the children only had minor deformities.. yet they are abandoned by their parents... I am reminded that even though they are abandoned by their parents... God has not forgotton them and loves each of them dearly... This is the van we travelled in...
Photos 1 - 15 out of 22 | Back to Albums
Description: A memorable and bittersweet experience.
Location: Shengzhen, China

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