Sagunja Sushi Restaurant Review – $2.50 for all plates! Best cheap eats in Chatswood.

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Sagunja Sushi situated below Hoyts Cinema at the Mandarin Center in Chatswood, has become one of our favourite places for lunch after church on the Sundays.

Being very conveniently located below the cinemas where we host our services for church as part of the Hillsong Chinese Chatswood Extension, my Hubby and friends tend to always choose this place for the quick and easy lunch with the added bonus that it is both a thrifty and healthier option than what is offer at the Mandarin Food Court.

Healthy because it is made of freshest sashimi available ( there is a huge turn over rate to ensure that the seafood in particular is fresh and is not the left over stale bits…) Thrifty and so economically friendly, is that all the sushi on their ‘conveyor belt’ is $2.50 for ALL plates. I kid you not! All plates of sushi – including fresh scallops, salmon and king fish sashimi as well as the tastiest soft shell crab is going for $2.50each!

This was our major draw card – as we found it hard to believe at first and on our first vist, we were very self concious of how many dishses we would eat… But after confirming from the friendly staff that all dishes regardless of the fresh tangerine fleshy salmon sashimi to the semi-torched scallops to our favourite soft shell crab… we just went NUTS and started grabbing plates off the belt faster than you can say ‘ More soft shell crab please!’ :)

So on this Sunday – which would mark my 4th time in a row this month for our post service lunch, Sagunja does not fail to deliver a perfect and delicious lunch for under $15 per person. ( We spilt bills with a few friends as we attacked at least 20+ plates of sushi) By the end of it, we were happily full and had our fix of sushi for the week – this was including endless supply of wasabi and pickled ginger and a hot mug of re-fillable green tea. ‘Oyshi desu ne!’ :)

Sagunja also does an a larte carte menu with hot udon noodles, ramen and rice bento boxes available.

M favourite sushi:

- Soft shell crab roll. Delicious with the inside out rice and seaweed roll. Love the added touch of egg and optional mayonaise.

- Torched scallops with mayonaise. This is when the freshest juiciest scallops are served on sushi rice with ‘squiggles’ of mayonaise on top before it is given a ‘torch’ by a hot flame. This gives the sushi a beautiful smokey taste and ehances the sweetness of the scallop. Love it!

- Torched salmon with spanish onions. This is made similar to the scallops. Slightly torched salmon on top of sushi rice plus a scattered of spanish onions. Delicious! This plate would normally be about $4.50 at other sushi joints nearby…

Also another one of my ‘must haves’ ( except today) is the Egg Sushi – love the sweet Japanese egg omelette on rice. Mmm!

I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the North side of Sydney and in and around Chatswood. A good place for a quick lunch or dinner. Ideal for a quick bite to eat before catching a movie or shopping around Chatswood.

There is ample of parking within the Manderin Center complex with the first 3 hours of parking free if you get a stamp from any of the stores within the center. ‘For a free parking rate – remember to validate!’ :)


Eve x

So what would be your ‘must have’ sushi ? Love to also hear about your favourite sushi joints!

Sagunja sushi2

Slightly torched salmon sushi with the spanish onions. So tasty!

Sagunja sushi1

Salmon with avocado and cream cheese. Mmmmm!

Sagunja Soft Shell crab

Soft shell crab - can't get enough of these! Best value for $2.50!

Sagunja sashimi

Fresh fresh fresh salmon sashimi. Beautiful with a dab of soya and wasabi!

Sagunja 3

Sagunja dishes Sagunja 5 Sagunja 2 Sagunja 1 Sagunja 4 Sagunja Sushi Restaurant

Mandarin Centre
Level 2, Shop 225, 65 Albert avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067

Phone (02) 9410 2545
Fax (02) 9904 6751

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6 thoughts on “Sagunja Sushi Restaurant Review – $2.50 for all plates! Best cheap eats in Chatswood.”

  1. Oh wow.
    DEFINITELY going to have lunch there with the other youngsters this Sunday. ;)
    Haven’t had my fix of sushi lately – that makes me a sad boy.

  2. Hi Lorraine ~ Yes! We were so excited when we discovered this little gem here in Chatswood too! Not only are the prices $2.50 everyday for all items on the conveyor belt – it is delicious, fresh and have some pretty unique sushi on offer as well… Thank you for reminding me the name for the ‘slightly torched’ sushi is called ‘ Aburi ‘ heheheh – my description sounds almost ‘Japanese/English’ :) Definitely should give this one a go – there is also quite a bit to try in the Mandarin Center Food Court alone ( as we often have lunch here after church on Sundays) – I shall blog more on this soon. Best of all, there is also an Asian Supermarket on the ground floor for all my ‘Pocky’ fixes and Korean ice creams! Yum! Thanks for dropping by! x

  3. Just a quick correction before one of your Japanese friends get to you like when DJ Yuksek corrected you and Wing.
    It’s ‘oishii desu ne.’, not ‘oyshi desu ne.’ :)

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