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D’ough Expresso at The Galleria Victoria – ‘Sunny’ and cheerful place for a quick take-away brekkie of tea and toast.

It is always pleasant to have your day started with things that brings a smile to your face. I love how it just makes your day that much brighter…. This morning I count myself blessed for:
- Waking up to my favouriest person in the world… my Hubby :)
- Having The Hubby drive me into work as I got up a little late….Such a sweetheart.
- I love the sunny mornings we have been getting in August….
- Receiving a free cupcake with my hot tea and toast at D’ough Cafe this morning… :)

I have to admit, I am not usually the one who likes to go to ‘franchises’ for coffee or tea. I know this sounds a bit ‘cafe snobbish’ but somehow I just preferred the family owned businesses or cafes that ‘specialises’ in coffees or whatever it is that they are specialised in! :)

What I discovered here at this newly opened franchised cafe of 3 weeks, The ‘D’ough Expresso’ downstairs at The Galleria Victoria on Pitt Street/George St – was the bright bubbly and friendly service they have here.

I was glad to have decided on impulse to grab my tea & banana bread here one morning as I was running late. I had missed my morning train and was running late but was hungry. So as I hurried along to work one morning after getting off at Town Hall station and with 5 minutes to spare, I find myself at D’ough Expresso.

My morning was a bit frazzled from the lateness but I was warmly welcomed by the beautiful smiley waitress who introduced herself to me as I stood there deciding what to order. Her name was ‘Sunny’ which I thought was such a fitting name for a bright bubbly person like herself. :)

My order of an English Breakfast tea was served very hot ( just as I like it!) in a double cup so I wouldn’t burn my hand :) The triangle tea bag is from one of my favourite tea boutiques, ‘T2′ and my two pieces of banana bread came toasted just golden on the top ( again… as I like it) I asked for no butter as I didn’t want greasy fingers plus the added butter intake for the day ;)

As mentioned before, I am not usually the one drawn to ‘franchised’ cafes ( I have also loved going over to ‘The Big Bite’ Sandwich cafe for coffee made by a very friendly Greek gentleman, but alas I am on a ‘coffee break…break’ and trying not to drink as much coffee….so I have tea instead! :) ) So as I was saying about ‘franchised cafes’… I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, but just as a personal preference if I had to choose between a small family owned business to a franchise – the small ‘hole-in-the-wall’ wins for me. However in this case with ‘D’ough’ and the friendly genuine service here won me over. Ok, so ‘D’ough’ may not be ‘specialised’ in ‘artisan’ breads or have award winning macaroons ( like some of my other favourite cafe spots) but what I do love about this particular D’ough is for their quality customer service, remembering your name as they introduce theirs to you and their happy smiles not just to their customers but to their own staff members too -showing they have a positive work place, which rubs off even if you are there for 5 mins to grab a quick brekkie… you also get a free ‘ pick-me-up’ too! :)

While waiting for my brekkie, I check out the food on display which looked pretty enticing too – with ‘iced almond short bread’ looking all short and crumbly and generously dusted with icing sugar, Vienna horseshoe biscuits with the ends dipped in chocolate… their pastries and sausage rolls looked pretty decent along with their ‘New York’ inspired sandwiches which I am keen to try for lunch soon.

This Friday morning, I got a raisin toast and tea I happily get my frequent sippers card stamped with their ‘apostrophe’ logo on my card… only 7 coffees or teas to go before my freebie! Yay! :) Shouldn’t be too hard…. I will drop by again soon :)

Eve x

D’ough Expresso

The Galleria Victoria ( Food court/ Ground floor)
George Street/Pitt Street, Sydney

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