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Christopher’s Cakes: How Sweet it is to be given a paper bag of Christopher Cakes…

Just wanted to post quickly as my fingers are still sticky from breaking the delicious delights from Christopher Cakes – as my late lunch survival bag arrives from my lovely friend Wing.

So hungry… ( who would have thought I would be so hungry after my ‘gluttonous’ day yesterday…)

First out of the bag – a delightful sugary treat covered in a generous dusting of ‘snow-like’ icing sugar – this was the almond shortbread… and short it was… I fell in love with my first bite…with the melt-in-mouth shortness of the biscuit just crumbling away. I wanted more. Wing can miss out on this one I think….

The second biscuit was ‘Melomakarona’ an almond honey and cinnamon biscuit thing… delicious! Sweet and moreish. I could eat more of this.. but I did like the almond shortbread better.

The third one…an Iced Petite Biscuit.. still haven”t tried it… but the golden buttery biscuits sandwiched with some apple and raspberry jam…looks good enough for me to stop blogging and get eating ;)

Wing – thanks for the sweets!

Eve x

Christopher’s Cake Shop

1213 Botany Road, Mascot
Ph: +61 (02) 9667-0300

409 Bourke, Surry Hills
Ph: +61 (02) 9360-4878

8 Regent Street, Kogarah
Ph: +61 (02) 9587-0222


Open Monday-Saturday 7.30am-6pm

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