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Brasserie Bread Review: I fell in love at Brasserie Bread…

love Mondays.

I love Mondays especially when I wake up to see the blue tinge of the sky and sunlight streaming from the ‘sneak’ of my bedroom window. ‘It is going to be a brilliant day…’ I thought as I thank God for another day and lift myself out of bed.

Today was ‘Food Safari Day’ with my beautiful hubby, week… hmm almost lost count. Where are we…? Oh yes, ‘Food Safari Day – Week # 8 ( My, goodness, time flies when you are having fun and eating well! heheh)

So our Food Safari Day Week 8 destination is: Brasserie Bread at Banksmeadow, Sydney.

I have been reading raves and reviews of this place for a while now – and was especially drawn to this place post reading ‘Not-Quiet-Nigella’ (Lovely Lorraine’s blog -www.notquietnigella.com) and sealed the deal when I saw the SMH review of their ‘sour dough pancakes’. Who can resist?!

So braving the oversized cargo trucks on Botany Road, we arrive at this warehouse styled bakery/cafe. I now understand what a few bloggers were saying when they said this place was a little ‘middle-of-nowhere’, as it was! Just as well we had our GPS and gave us enough warning before reaching our destination – as any sudden stop on Botany Road would mean having a truck up the bumper…not good. ( Parking tip: I suggest parking on the opposite side, on the ‘golf course’ kerb or in one of the side streets and walk. Watch out for the trucks when crossing the road…its a bit nuts during the week at lunch)

IMG_1444-22 IMG_1415-18

Arriving inside and away from the chaos of ‘trucks’ – the buzz and ‘tranquility’ aroma of the freshly baked breads and coffee immediately welcomes us and I found myself glancing immediately at the glass cabinet filled with delicious looking pastries. (Mental note: Must come back and buy some to take home – I had my eye on the sweetly glaceed  ‘Coffee eclairs’)

The set up is ‘order at counter’ style – so scan the open space cafe for a free table prior to ordering, as you get asked where you are seated. I park my eyes on a table near the large windows ( remembering Lorraine’s comment of ‘food bloggers’ loves to sit near natural lighting for the food..;))

The menu is simple and un-cluttered, yet still the task of deciding between the ‘Tasmanian Smoked Trout w/ Cucumber Salad on Rye bread’ and their Specials Of The Day ‘ Cajun chicken burger on brioche with rocket and cheddar’ was very difficult…so we order both. (Easy!)

While waiting for the food, Hubby goes and wanders at the ‘deli’ section and samples some of the olive oils and jams on offer near the entry. ( I tried to ignore the fact that a little girl and her brother had just picked up some of the sample breads and *gasp!* double dipped in the olive oil…. (Mental note: Go for the jam instead… ;) ) Hubby brings back some of the ‘Lynwood Jam’ sample on a piece of moist and chewy sour dough square – and I am sold! ( Mental note: Buy some jam on the way out. Delish!)

Food arrives shortly and my eyes could already tell it would be delicious – ( funny how your eyes can ‘taste’ first!)

Prior to any food ‘dig ins’ we give thanks for the food and I hurried The Hubby along to quickly take photos of the food – so that we can start eating! ( The thing with blogging, is the wait between the food arriving to the table to having it ‘snapped’ , ‘food -porned’ before we can eat… ah, such is the task, but someone’s gotta do it… just make sure it’s fast shot! hehhe)

I couldn’t wait any longer -  after the 2nd photo of my Tassie salmon and cucumber salad, I ignore The Hubby and start cutting into my dish. The thick ribbons of the cucumber, glistening from the dressing of what I assume is olive oil and lemon is layered over the gorgeous smoked salmon which draped over a thin piece of chocolate brown rye bread. The combination was perfect as the refreshing cucumber would balance the saltiness of the salmon along with the soft chewiness of the rye. I was in heaven ~ and enjoy and savour each bite

Most tasty smoked salmon + cucumber + rye combination sensation!

Hubby’s ‘Cajun chicken burger with cheddar and rocket’ was looking very tasty as well. The bread which I assume is a brioche, sat happily on top of a beautifully grilled piece of Cajun spiced chicken. I could see that it was tender, from the way that Hubby did not struggle to cut through the meat and the pillowy brioche bread ( oozing with the melted cheddar and garnished of sweet onion relish…) The smile on Hubby’s face also depicted this was a ‘Food order success’ , considering that he made an ‘ill choice’ of order at the previous cafe we were at on Saturday morning.

Cajun Chicken Burger with rocket, sweet onion relish and cheddar.IMG_1374-11
Cajun Chicken Burger with rocket, sweet onion relish and cheddar

We both dive in between the two dishes – with each mouthful we commented that we did not want either dishes to finish. As we were on our last bite for both – I glance over at the menu and suggested that we should order another dish to satisfy our tummies that was craving for more ‘BB’ goodness… after all, I needed to go to the counter again and make an order of coffees. ‘BB’ serves one of our favourite blends of coffees – ‘Allpress’, so with the coffee task in mind, I make my walk to the counter more ‘fruitful’ and order more food!  ;) We decided to finish our meal with ‘desert’ and go with the ‘Sourdough pancakes, with berries and honeycomb butter’ Mmmm. I had to confirm with our friendly waitress at the counter whether my decision was right… as I was also tempted to go with the ‘Special Of The Day’ :Prosciutto and Gruyere cheese omelette… She said the pancakes is her favourite. I was sold.

Not long afterward, we were treated with a plate that looked as good as it tasted! The Sourdough Pancakes!

Hubby was still snapping away, as I did not hold back and slice through the chewy and ‘crunchy on the side’ pancakes, drizzled with the plump berries and dollop of honeycomb cream butter…. ‘Keep shooting’ I said ‘ and I would eat the whole plate!’ hehehe



Hubby and I was so pleased that we ordered this dish as it was the best way to finish our ‘BB’ experience – along with our hot ‘Allpress’ mocha to perfection.  Ah ~ life is good. B-’bb’liss!

What made our BB experience more special was the friendly service at the cafe and meeting Mei from BB. Our lovely waitress, Chervon was more than helpful with suggesting the best tasting dishes and took her time to explain to me the breads and jams to take home. I was sold on the ‘grainy sour dough’ and the Lynwood Jam ( Raspberry and Rhubarb – lovely sweet with a tartness from the rhubarb’…can’t wait for brekkie tomorrow with my sour dough toast!)

We will defiantly make our trip back to this beautiful bakery/cafe very soon and suggest anyone visiting Sydney ( even for a few hours) to make a trip to this place ( approx. 5 minutes away from the Airport by taxi) It is worth the trip!


Eve xx
Brasserie Breads

1737 Botany Rd

Banksmeadows, New South Wales 2019
(02) 9666 6845

Open Weekdays 7am-3pm, Weekends 8am-2pm


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