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Sonoma Bread Cafe @ Glebe – Tasty sourdough sandwiches + Singles Origin coffee makes a good Monday.

It is once again Monday.

My ‘day off’ and I was on a mission to soak up as much as I could today with my favouritest person in the world – My Hubby. :)

Delicious and lazy sleep in til 10am. ( I adore sleep in’s – although on days like today, I did wished the hands on the clock would just stay still while I slept, so that I would be able to enjoy more of the day without needing to get out of bed too early…)

Feeling refreshed and charged up for another beautiful week ahead – I review the ‘to do list’ in my head as I brushed my teeth and got ready.

As I had to run a few errands today and had to be in Glebe, I decided that we should do lunch there…but where?

I remembered about a yummy bakery for their highly reviewed breads at a bakery named ‘ Sonoma’  Sonoma is a artisian bakery using only the freshest ingredients and supplies to top restaurants in Sydney such as: Tetsuya’s, Aria,
Quay, Est, Pier and Icebergs Dining Room and Bar.

Sonomo Bread ~ a tiny yet cozy spot for a sandwich and coffee at Glebe. High ornate ceilings, glass windows, no fuss.

Sonomo Bread ~ a tiny yet cozy spot for a sandwich and coffee at Glebe. High ornate ceilings, glass windows, no fuss.

sonoma entrance

Their main bakery and branch was situated right next to our church in Waterloo, on Young St, but I also remembered they had a cafe branch at Glebe. So  as soon as I recalled our tasty visit to Brasserie Bread last Monday, I was up for more artisian sourdough. ( What is it with Monday and artisian sourdough breads I wonder?) Just can’t get enough I thought!

We arrive at  our destination at Sonoma Cafe at about 1.30pm and by then most of the sandwiches which are pre-made in the glass cabinet was gone. Thankfully, our choice of the chicken on rye sourdough with butter lettuce leaves and corned beef, mustard mayonaise and butter lettuce leaves on sourdough (forget what bread it was exactly) was still available. We were asked if we wanted them toasted – I asked our friendly ‘waiter’ which way he preferred to eat them for maximum ‘eating pleasure’ and he replied ‘ Toast for sure!’ and hence we settled on toast!  Mmmm. Crunchy.

I must admit though, as lovely as the bread of this cafe sound, I was a bit dissapointed that they did not use ‘real’ chicken breast for their sandwich fillings and instead used what I suspect is ‘bought’ chicken cold meats. Also forgetting that the butter lettuce leaves were so fresh and tender, that when the lovely toasted ‘sambos’ arrived to our table – they were cooked through and was soggy. ( I always wondered why no body would offer to place fresh crunchy  lettuce back inside your sandwich AFTER it was toasted and not before. Hmm.)

Chicken and sourdough sandwich.

Chicken and sourdough sandwich.

Chicken and sourdough.

Chicken and sourdough.

Regardless of the cooked lettuce – I still enjoyed the modest looking sourdough sandwich that was just so lovely and crunchy with the warmed moist filling of the chicken and mayonaise oozing through the ‘holes’ in the bread. The texture of the bread was crunchy from the sandwich press which it was toasted on but lovely and ‘chewy’ and goes well with the chicken… even if it was not a poached organic chicken breast as I would have preferred.

Corned beef on sour dough.

Corned beef on sour dough.

After enjoying my half of the chicken sandwich, I reach out for the other half of the corned beef sambo from my Hubby’s plate and sink my teeth into another crunchy bread delight. The corned beef slices blended with the mustardy mayonaise and lettuce was a satisfying combination. A simple and tasty lunch- no fuss and gave the bread space to shine through ( yet I think I would prefer the sandwiches at Brasserie Bread a bit more for their generous fillings)

Serving Single Origins coffee at Sonoma.

Serving Single Origins coffee at Sonoma.

Sonoma 1

Our Single Origin’s coffee wasn’t too bad either – I would have preferred mine a tad hotter if I could… ( I love my coffee HOT!) However, given the relaxed setting in a cute (but cozy) cafe with high ceilings, friendly staff, laid back locals walking in for their sourdough fixes and muesli packed in brown paper bags ( I saw an elderly gentleman stock up 2 bags of the honey toasted oat and muesli..must be good!)  and with my back resting against the glass window, The Hubby happily snapping away on his camera – I was happy with my simple lunch and sip the rest of my coffee and watched the world go by on a lazy Monday on Glebe Point Road.

Walking out, I realised that right next door was another cafe that I had once visited and loved and vowed to return…but forgot! So with this in mind, the next time I am in Glebe -the name skips my memory right now, but it is right next door to Sonoma….. ( oh dear, early memory loss it NOT good :P)

Hope sourdough helps with the memory!

What are your favourite topping or filling for sourdough breads?

Currently my favourite is the Lynwood Jam of Raspberry and Rhubarb purchased at Brasserie Breads.

Love for you to share!

Sonoma Bakery Cafe 215 Glebe Point Rd,
Phone 02 9660 2116,

Opening hours 8am – 4pm Seven days.


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