Take me to Paris, Repetto dah-ling!

‘One day, we’re goin’ to live in Paris.

I promise.

I’m on it’

‘Paris’ by The Friendly Fires. (Awesomest and favourite dance track of the moment)
Friendly Fires \"Paris\" Directed by Price James

So yesterday during my lunch break, and after my ‘nutritious’ Chicken congee at the ‘dodgy’ Asian food court below Woolies in Pitt St. I find myself en routing ( dangerous Ladies!!) to Incu. I thought I would just go in to say hi to my lovely friend Nicole..but lo and behold, my eyes should cast upon a lonely Repetto ballet flat, sitting so innocently below on display under a rack of A.P.C’s

I was first attracted to the cute red version with the silver mirror polka dots flats, as I have been eyeing them for the longest time on the ‘Incu’ catalog – yet tried to erase them from my mind as I should behave and save. (Think Europe Eve! Save up!) Thankfully, the red flats were not as comfortable as I had imagined – they were made in a strange sort of way, with no exact ‘left or right’ shoe, but just a flimsy leather slipper. ‘What a shame’ I thought, as I felt myself escaping the hold of the shoe and ran back into the arms of ‘Save and Behave’ haven..

Red Repettos

So just as I was about to turn away from the shoes and head back to work, my eyes should wander again and see a lonely black patent and suede leather friend of the red flats. I lifted the gorgeous black patent and suede leather darling off the ground and slipped onto my feet. *Gasp!* It fitted like a glove! ( And so much more comfortable than the red flats – which came also in a ‘left and right’ feet mould!)

I knew I was done for. They fitted beautifully around my feet. I could find no fault with them. (Except they would make a dent in my ‘Save & Behave’ Europe fund) They are on sale. From $399 reduced to $170.
That is a ‘saving’ of $169 already! Okay, so I won’t be able to eat out for ‘Food Safari Days’ for next week….and the next, but we can make do with ‘thrifty’ Food Safari Days right? :)

Now, to convince The Hubby that my purchase was justified because my pair of Michael Kors flats he bought me in NY has ‘D.I.A’ ( Died-In-Action) and that these new Repetto lovelies will take me to Paris! ( Well, in my mind for the time being anyways as these babies will do for now! ;) )

Eve x

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2 thoughts on “Take me to Paris, Repetto dah-ling!”

  1. Also check out Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires – also great.
    I want those shoes that were for $85 at Via Alley.

    Then I’d have to get some skinnies or something to go with it.
    That’s why I never buy my own clothes.

  2. all of friendly fires is great curt! :) i’m loooooooove sik! i’m love sick ;) (no, not really), but it’s a cool song!

    p.s love the flats princess!
    p.p.s you love sweet meat ;)

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